"Increase human capacity through artificial intelligence"

Overcome Information Overload

Our mission is to help your business understand and find really important information using artificial intelligence.

Our first platform is Deep where we use artificial intelligence and incredible data visualization to quickly access your legacy of knowledge.

Some of our users have even said that it is the evolution of the search engine.

Deep automates the processing, tagging and organization of all your documents and presentations, dramatically reducing information access time and facilitating insights.

Today it is used by companies , content providers and universities .

We are already transforming how Nestlé accesses its legacy and research and how readers consume articles from Harvard Business Review Brazil .

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Volume of textual information

Around 87% of the data in the world is textual and each year we generate more information.

Access and interpretation of information

Employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching for company information

Lack of evidence in decision making

People make decisions based on their opinion and perception and not based on facts and evidence.

We are changing the way content is consumed

Companies like Nestlé and Harvard Business Review Brazil are already benefiting from Orkest technology..

No Deep temos um leitor de documentos. Quer ver ele em ação? Clique no play abaixo.