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    Technology market breakthrough company that created Deep.

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    Tool that maps information with Artificial Intelligence and allows an incredible search experience and incredible data visualization.

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Have it in your company!

Accelerate the speed your team accesses and exploits information from your legacy of knowledge..

Deep automates the processing, tagging and organization of all your documents (word, pdf and ppt) dramatically reducing information access time and facilitating insights.

Content provider

Extend your information consumption and digitize your brand experience.

Deep has data visualization that gives your reader a new reading experience and access to your content in line with new digital standards.


Make it easy for students and teachers to access your knowledge pool.

Deep automates the processing, tagging, and organization of all your documents for easy access to information. It also has a data visualization that allows the student or teacher to find a lot of information from their legacy of knowledge.



Content provider


With Deep we have a document reader. Want to see him in action? Click on the play below.

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Intelligence and Usability

Why Deep is unique

We combine the best of AI with the easy usability of data visualization.

Navigation with visual and interactive filters

Through textual BI the user can interact and quickly filter the entire universe of document content.

Slide-optimized visualization

A new way to read Power Points, Words and PDFs.

Custom Summary

User-focused browsing experience ensures that information is accessed faster.

Access content without opening it

Indexed search by keywords and automatic tagging.

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Your Artificial Intelligence Document Library

Through proprietary artificial intelligence, we map your documents and make them intelligently available.

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